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High speed forming and stamping systems

We promote development in and provide services for the full range of stamping and bending processes and can provide system solutions for a wide range of applications.

The SCHAAL precision stamping press is a durable, high-quality machine able to cope effortlessly with an intense workload. The machine components are dimensioned to withstand high stress levels and the press frame is a double frame, mono block construction made of rigid, vibration damping grey cast iron.


Sheet metal forming with presses

weil technology manufactures the SEP series, a modular program of modern and efficient automatic stamping presses, for the range 120 to 1000kN.
The DELTA v servo series is designed for the range 630 to 1000 kN and combines precision, performance, reliability, durability and a universal range of applications in one machine.

Our stamping presses, and the system solutions developed from these presses, form the basis for the flexible, rational and cost-effective production in industries such as for example

  • the Automotive supply industry,
  • the electronical part production industry,
  • the building & construction industry for mechanical fixtures
  • the medical components manufacturing industry and
  • the.seal production industry
  • etc.

The high-speed presses reach stroke rates of up to 800 strokes/min. The forming energy is either provided via modern drive technology with a flywheel and brake-clutch combination or a servo driven torque motor.


Delta v - Series

We design tailor-made processing solutions (standard or special machines) based on your specific…

SEP - Series

SEP - Series High speed stamping presses as part of customized production lines. The modular design…